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New rim pads!!


It supports:

Tire size from 14” – 21”

Tire width from 80 to 240mm (highest position)

Brake disc diameter up to 330mm

Axle diameter from 20mm



The tire changer has an adjustment for the bead breaker, so you will have the same starting position when beraking the bead on narrower front tire and the wider rear tire. The bead breaker system is adjusted on a threaded rod,so it is absolutely stable even when breaking a the bead on a very stiff tire.There are also 2 fixings for the locking pin to block the rim.The mounting head is made of special plastic from Butler (original part with production date and part number, not a cheap fake that can break down). The 20mm axle is equipped in a centering cone with a knurled screw, it centers from 22-32mm. The rim pads are covered with 6mm TPR synthetic rubber – NEW since January 20th, 2024 (very strong and resistant to mechanical action and at the same time soft enought to the rim). The device is made of steel, carefully welded under argon shield and is powder-coated. The color is matt black with structure. Axle and the locking pin are galvanized. The device stands on rubber feet. Weight of the device is approx. 13 kg.


Balancing device:

It supports:

Tire size up to 21”

Tire width up to 250mm

Axle diameter from 16mm



The balancing device is carefully welded of steel under argon shield and is powder-coated. The color is matt black with structure. The device stands on 4 adjustable rubber feet. Axle and the centering cones are galvanized. The axle has a diameter of 16mm. The diameter of the centering cones with setscrews enables wheel assembly with an axle diameter from 18mm – 32mm. The device has fastening clips for the axle. Weight of the device is approx. 5 kg.



– Valve key

– tire iron

– brush

– Tire fitting paste 0.5kg

– Adhesive weights